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A whole new feel.

Since a young age our founder has work with herbs and veggies and believed in the power of nature. We beleive that since we came from nature than any issue or problem we have can be solved with it. It is only now in recent times that this faith has been proven scientifically and medically. With loads of new research, studies and media promoting a new health trend. The evidence and truth is apparent: Life is easy. Anything that goes against the natural order of life puts you at a DIS-Ease. PUN INTENDED.

Here at The DonovaNewEra we take our time and hand craft, prepare, and package all of our products. All of our products are in their most natural form with minimal ingredients for desired result. We believe in keeping things fresh, natural and pure as possible. This is what you can expect from your experience with The DonovaNewEra.

We aren't money hungry and simply want to provide a resource. From Sea Moss, to Natural Salts, to even a variety of Teas and Plant Powders we have everything you need to make your life better and not only kick start but sustain your journey through life regardless of diet and habits. We even have our own Garden in which we not only have produce available fresh from our farm but we even utilize it in some of our own products.

We are growing and just starting out however we are confident in our mission along with the progress and lives we've changed thus far. We intend to grow with everyone as The DonovaNewEra is for everyone. Times have changed and so has the world. This is the beginning of a whole new world. 


The DonovaNewEra

Give 'Em Heal


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